CNC Fly Cutter Shares Good News for Manufacturing
The Tool Company is excited! We've seen the data on the monthly Manufacturers’ Shipments, Inventories, and Orders report and the news is good. The Tool Company, the CNC fly cutter and all things CNC shop that supports American manufacturing, celebrates this good news. We know manufacturing creates jobs. Not only in one industry, but all up and down the supply chains. That’s good for everyone.

Final May Numbers on Orders and Shipments

According to the Census Bureau, orders were down to $493.6 billion. That's a light 0.7 percent decrease. Shipment numbers were up. In fact, unfilled orders decreased to $1,171.1 billion (down 0.5 percent). Get those goods out the door! Shipments of manufactured durable goods? Up after two consecutive monthly decreases! Shipments increased $0.9 billion or 0.3 percent to $254.2 billion. Can it get better? Yes. Machinery led the increase, $0.3 billion or 1.0 percent to $33.4 billion. That’s three of the last four months for machinery. Every CNC mill, CNC fly cutter, drill press and CNC accessory shipped means someone is going to use it. They’ll be used in US shops and factories making even more equipment and goods. Even though experts think a possible trade war with China looms. These worries affect auto manufacturing. Who knows what can happen in the next few months. Still, celebrate the good news today!

Manufacturing is Vital to the GDP

Manufacturing is vital to the American GDP. It’s taken it on the chin, but it is steadily recovering. That’s important. Manufacturing punches above its weight when it comes to economic impact. Those manufactured goods require a supply chain. That chain generates demand for goods and services from other sectors. The demand is felt in energy and natural resources, construction for new factories, accounting, engineering, and software. Everyone grows with strong manufacturing. The GDP value of manufacturing exceeds the value of the finished good produced. Too bad it's not calculated in. See, manufacturing’s GDP contribution doesn’t include the goods and services it consumes. Manufacturing is responsible for a large share of the demand for goods and services produced in the United States.

Grab Your CNC Fly Cutter and a Machinist and Celebrate

Why grab the CNC fly cutter? You know it creates an unbeatable finish. The icing on the cake. Like these May numbers. Share the good news. Grab a machinist and tell them. If it came from the Census Bureau and The Tool Company it must be true. Isn't everything on the internet? Seriously, The Tool Company respects American manufacturing and the hobby machinist. Both help the economy. We serve both sectors. So, get to work. What are you waiting for?
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