Manual machinists know for the finest finish, you’ve got to use a fly cutter. Many CNC machinists rely on face mills for finishing work but the savvy CNC’er knows that you just can’t beat the finish you get from a CNC fly cutter.

The CNC Face Mill versus CNC Fly Cutter Face Off

On one of their tool blog posts, a fly cutter manufacturer says “the finest aluminum fly cutters produce shiny finish to metalfinishing is a fly cutter with a diamond insert”. If it’s true for a manual machining, then it should be true for a CNC machining. Sure face mills can run at a high speeds, but you need a much slower pace to achieve a brushed finish. To force a face mill into creating a fine and no run out you must remove all but one of the cutters. Wait! Doesn’t that mean you just converted your face mill into a CNC fly cutter? A fly cutter can also go places your face mill can’t. If you need travel room, you need a fly cutter. Check this out. A CNC fly cutter was used to resurface a table for a table saw. A face mill would never have permitted the travel needed to get the job done. Clearly it makes no sense to use a CNC face mill when a CNC fly cutter is the superior tool.

Machining with CNC Fly Cutters

Machining with your CNC fly cutter will be a breeze if you just keep a few things in mind. Using these tips will help you get a flawless finish on even stainless steel, titanium, or other tough to machine materials. Coolant – Some materials just machine better with coolant and some material require coolant. You have to use coolant when fly cutting, even if it is an air/coolant mist. Coolant is necessary to prevent stainless from hardening. It is also critical to prevent the build-up of heat when working titanium. Coolant will also prevent aluminum chips from welding to the cutter. So many good reasons to use coolant. Evacuate Chips – It doesn’t matter whether you are use liquid coolant or a mist, you must keep chips clear. Your fly cutter is doing double the work if it has to recut chips that aren’t cleared. Don’t make your fly cutter work hard – you work smart. Clear chips as fast as they are created. Feeds and Speeds – This is basic to manual and CNC machine work. If you will just use the right feed and speed you can machine anything. The only thing that makes “difficult” materials difficult is the narrow range in which they can be worked. There is so much software available to use, just make sure you use something.

Use the Right Fly Cutter

No matter your machine or material, make sure you use the right cutter. The Tool Company has fly cutters in a variety of diameters. Every fly cutter we sell has been manufactured with alloy screws to reduce chatter. They are also completely balanced for high RPM usage. Every fly cutter sold by The Tool Company has been manufactured in the USA and includes a 5 year warranty. When you need the best finish, use the best fly cutter! Order today and get ready to get the best finish possible. made-usa
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