It doesn’t matter what shop Dad works in, there are a few things that every shop has in common. You’ll find these things all in all CNC shops:
  • Machines
  • Tools
  • Toolholders
  • Machinists
Of course Dad also has other things in the work environment like the actual work material, fluids, and collet wrenches hanging around as well. The most efficient shops also have the tools that help all of these things work together. If you want to help Dad be more organized and more efficient, then give him a CNC tool tray for Father’s Day. cnc tool tray

CNC Tool Trays for Dads

Different machinists Dads use different machines. But despite the differences in Dads and the actual CNC machines they use, there are only a couple of different milling machine tapers. That means Dad is most likely using a 30, 40, or 50 machine. For the most part, you find larger tapers on more powerful machines. As the taper increases; the power increases. Dad might work on an extremely large machine with a 60 taper, but that isn’t common. A CNC tool tray allows Dad to perform his tool set-up in the tool crib or tool storage area and then transport the tools safely to the machining area. Dad gets to be efficient and safe. You might be tempted to get Dad a tool cart, but they are not easy to navigate between equipment. If Dad has a CNC tool tray with handles he can navigate even the tightest spaces in the shop.

Awesome CNC Tool Trays for Awesome Dads

cnc tool tray for 50 taperThe Tool Company sells CNC tool trays for 30, 40, and 50 tapers. They are manufactured from a high impact plastic so Dad’s expensive tools are protected. That will make him smile. And whether he uses Rapid-Switch or NMTB, you’re covered because both will fit. Dad will be able to locate his tools at a glance because the open design makes each tool visible. Each position is numbered for easy tool sequencing operation. That’s just another advantage Dad will have when he uses his CNC tool tray! Show Dad you care about American manufacturing. Every item sold by The Tool Company is made in the USA. When Dad retires, that CNC tool tray can his hold shot glasses, golf balls, and billiard balls.

Order Dad’s CNC Tool Tray Today

Shop CNC tool trays and order now for quick delivery. Show Dad you care. Forget the tie; get Dad a gift that he will use day after day. His co-workers will think you are so cool.
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