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Last post we talked about the need for precision when cutting. However, not all precision cuts require a precision saw. You can also use a fly cutter for very fine, fly cuttersprecision cuts. As a matter of fact you just about can’t beat the extraordinary finish you get when you use a fly cutter. Even in the early days of machining, fly cutters were recognized as an invaluable tool in the machine shop. These days some CNC machinists will use a face mill for finishing work; but experienced machinists use a fly cutter with a diamond insert as their secret weapon for the finest aluminum finishing.

Finish in One Pass with a Fly Cutter

To get the finest finish over a large surface you should only make one pass. A face mill isn’t going to let you do that in only one pass. That’s what why a fly cutter is superior to a face mill. One manufacturer actually recommends that their face mills be operated as fly cutters to achieve the finest finish. It makes no sense to modify your face mill to act as a fly cutter. If a fly cutter is what you need, then start with a fly cutter. You can’t get the right finish if you don’t use the right tool.

Fly Cutters Do More Than Finish

fly cutter for precisionFinishing is just one application for a fly cutter. If you are cutting an involute on a gear tooth or making clearance notches on pistons, then a fly cutter is the right tools for the job. Fly cutters are also great for circular cuts and notches in metal. Need to mill an odd shape? Then you need a fly cutter. Your imagination is just about the only limit on fly cutting.

Fly Cutters From The Tool Company

The Tool Company has the perfect fly cutter for your perfect cut. No matter the speed, the fly cutters sold by The Tool Company will perform with the exactness you need. In addition, The Tool Company only sells fly cutters that are proudly made in the USA. Balance and Stability. The Tool Company only sells Sierra American fly cutters. That is because these fly cutters are balanced to operate at high RPMs and lower RPMs as well. They are made with large alloy set screws for added blade stability. Because they are properly balanced, you can expect a longer useful tool life. Variety of Sizes Available. When it comes to fly cutters, size does matter. The Tool Company only sells fly cutters that use ½” and 3/8” bits. This saves you valuable milling time. In any CNC shop, time is money. Three sizes of fly cutters are offered:
  • 1 ½” diameter
  • 2” diameter
  • 2 1/2” diameter
All of The Tool Company’s products are made to stand up to the toughest shop conditions. If your tool is from The Tool Company, you know you can depend on it. If there ever is a problem, The Tool Company has you covered. All fly cutters are backed by a 5 year warranty. You deserve a fly cutter that outperforms all others. You deserve a fly cutter from The Tool Company. Order on-line!
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