Resolve to Be Organized - Use a CNC Tool Tray
At the start of every year everyone makes all kinds of crazy resolutions that they can’t keep. Why not resolve to work more efficiently by getting organized with a CNC tool tray. Not only will you organize and protecting your tools, but a CNC tool tray is a great way to transport and store your tools too.

Tool Storage

The tool magazine isn’t meant to permanently store your tool no matter what CNC Control Setup for Milling and Turning: Mastering CNC Control Systems says. They recommend that any tool that is used often should stay in the magazine and always use the same number. Well it makes sense to number the tool the same in all programs, but the tool magazine really wasn’t designed to store your tools. Store tools where they will not be exposed to the elements, dust particles, or risk of damage from other tools or corrosive materials in the shop. It doesn’t matter if it is a sophisticated tool room or a just a cabinet, store your tools in an organized manner when they are not in use.

The Ideal CNC Tool Tray Stores, Organizes and Transports

The ideal CNC tool tray organizes your tools. It provides the safety, organization and efficiency vital to optimum productivity on the floor. Resolve to use a CNC tool tray in 2016! cnc tool tray numbered to sequence toolsUse your CNC tool tray for all sorts of pre-set tool handling. Use it for providing safe and accessible tool storage close to the machine. You can use CNC tool holders to serve as a mini bench stand to increase productivity and decrease downtime due to tool changes.

Use a High Quality CNC Tool Tray

If you are going to shell out the dough for a CNC tool tray, get one that will last. The Tool Company sells CNC tools trays that can take what you can dish out. They are also made right here in the USA. Our CNC tool trays are made:
  • From high impact plastic to protect your expensive tooling equipment
  • To stand up to the most demanding manufacturing environments.
  • With convenient handles facilitate easy transfer of tools from the tool setting area to your machining area.cnc tool trays store and transport tools
Each CNC tool tray is marked for easy tool sequencing procedures and is backed by the manufacturer’s 5 year warranty. Order your CNC tool tray now and get organized, get efficient, and have the most product year yet.
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