See Your Slitting Saw and Slitting Saw Arbor Differently in 2019

Do you remember when you started machining? Bet you started with an end mill and fly cutters scared you to death. By now, you've got that all behind you. But, as you gained experience, did you learn how to get the most out of what you have in the shop? For 2019, why not grab that slitting saw arbor and blade and start to look at them differently.

Hand Finish

Here's a novel idea. Cut a part off and hand finish it. While a hand finish isn't the equal to the finish from a fly cutter, it is an alternative. So, on your 3 axis mill, take your slitting saw and cut the piece off. Now, it's much easier to get to the underside. So, finish it by hand. This is a great alternative if you find yourself machining a very thin part or working on a piece that seems impossible to hold. Just cut it off and hand finish it. You'll discover that you save time by hand finishing the piece. That's because if you keep destroying the part by machine finishing it you just waste time. Every time to start from the beginning is a waste of time, money and material. Cut waste in 2019.

Add Relief

Resolve to give your parts a bit of relief in 2019. That doesn't mean they need time off. But it does mean that if you don't want them to break, you must give them a break in the form of a relief slot.

A relief slot provides just enough give to clamp around tightly and not destroy the integrity of the part.

Just use your slitting saw. It is the perfect tool for creating that relief slot. The slitting saw arbor holds the blade firmly in place and in just a couple of passes you'll have that slot. Be sure to pick a slitting saw arbor with a deep cap and low profile to get you as close as possible.

2019's Slitting Saw Arbor and Blade

Slitting saw blade are thin and they run fast. As a result, they heat up quickly. Use a carbide blade if you've got the money. Consider that the steel blade costs less upfront but it will be replaced frequently. Steel just doesn't last like carbide.

Whether you use high speed steel or carbide, be sure to use lots of fluid. Because those slitting saw blades run so hot, coolant keeps you cutting long and cutting fast.

For 2019, the slitting saw arbor to use is the one sold by The Tool Company . Buy this arbor and get the deep, low profile cap you need to get your slitting saw blade close. You'll experience less runout because the "Vibra Core" design absorbs vibration.

In 2019, buy the slitting saw arbor that is made in America for use by American machinists. Buy your slitting saw arbor now and in 2019 look at the slitting saw a bit differently. Make it your most valuable and underused tools in your box.

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