There’s a common problem with everything on earth that spins. In machining, we call this problem runout. It's the inaccuracy of anything that spins. That's because the tool or shaft doesn’t turn with perfect alignment to its main axis. It's a common problem. But, it's also a huge problem. For 5C collets, a simple collet wrench solves the problem.
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TIR Measures Your Accuracy

Are you accurate? When your drill chuck can't hold the drill bit in the center, as it turns, it turns on a secondary axis. Meet runout. Total indicator runout (TIR) measures the concentricity of the collet. It’s how you measure accuracy and runout. Just place a dial indicator against the rotating bit. The tool amplifies all minute variations, enough for you to see them with the naked eye. Basically, it is a magnifier. It just makes the very slight deviation from true concentricity big enough for you to see and measure. You must measure to make adjustments. That's because you'll never adjust what you never measure. Naturally, you can’t measure what can’t be seen. Once you can see and measure, you can adjust.

Correcting Drill Press Runout

Try something as simple as cleaning. Open the jaws and blow out with compressed air. Just a small bit of debris could be the cause of the problem. Then check the drill rod and verify it is still true. Take time to verify the runout on the spindle as well as checking the bearings on the spindle.

Correcting Brake Lathe Runout

Taking care of the arbor is taking care of runout. Every once and awhile, check the spindle and arbor. Look for metal chip buildup or rust. Clean your arbor with fine steel wool and some WD40. Don't use sandpaper or a wire brush. Removing metal makes the runout worse. While you're at it, inspect the spindle bearings. When the lathe is properly set up and the arbor looks good, this is probably the runout source.

Use a Collet Wrench and Protect Your Collets

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In other words, the simplest way to correct runout is to prevent it. Runout happens with collets that aren’t properly tightened. Runout can ruin the collet. Use a collet wrench to tighten all three jaws evenly. Just align the prongs into the collet. Now simply turn the wrench. That threads the collet in the machine. See, its easy. You didn't do it because you didn't know. Now you know. So, what are you waiting for, a collet wrench? That's easy too.

Get a Collet Wrench Today

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