The Fly Cutter
A fly cutter is any single point cutter attached to the mill. They are a must have finishing and facing tool. Fly cutters may be more common in the manual machine shop, but CNC machinists know that fly cutters win over face mills when it comes to the best finish. That's because fly cutters clear a large swath with each pass. Make fewer passes and get a better finish. It's a low-tech tool for a high-tech finish.

What Makes a Fly Cutter Great

A fly cutter is a cylindrical body that holds a cutter. It's not the best tool for carving out lots of material, but it is dynamite for removing small amounts. That's why it is a great finishing tool. Finishing with a face mill isn't the same. Face mills use multiple cutters. And multiple cutters inserted into one tool is a recipe for a poor finish if the inserts are not exactly the same height. Exactly. A single cutter is the best option when need the smoothest finish. You can get a face mill to do the job by removing all the cutters but one. But why would you? Just start with a fly cutter!

Watch a Fly Cutter Work

See for yourself. Check out the fly cutter at work in this video: The initial finish might have looked pretty smooth. But, with one pass with the fly cutter there is a much better finish.
 Set of 3 fly cutters

Use the Best Fly Cutter for the Best Finish

It just makes sense. Use the best fly cutters and get the best finish. And, you get the best fly cutters at The Tool Company. Pick from 3 sizes. Each size is balanced. Get better stability and cutting action. These fly cutters are American made, like everything at The Tool Company . Each has a 5 year warranty. So, you know they are made to last. Don't get ripped off by cheap fly cutters. You deserve the best. Order your fly cutters from The Tool Company today.
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