Technically speaking, fly cutters are just a single point cutter that you attach to your mill. They are the tool that rocks the finishing world. You may find fly cutters in a manual machine shop, but they are at home in CNC shops as well. All types of machinists know a fly cutter bests a face mill for the best finish. That's because fly cutters cut a larger swath with each pass. You know the fewer passes you make the better the finish you will get. cnc fly cutter set

No Shop Can Be Without a Fly Cutter - Here's Why

A fly cutter is nothing more than a cylindrical body that accepts a tool for a cutter. It's not the tool to use if you need to remove large amounts of material. But a fly cutter is as sweet as Tupelo honey for removing very small amounts of material. That's why no machine shop can be without a fly cutter. You just can't get the same results if you finish with a face mill. Face mills use more than one cutter. When you use multiple cutters inserted into one tool you're going to get a poor finish if the inserts are not held to exactly the same height. For the best possible finish you always want to use a single cutter. The only way to get a face mill to do the same job is if you take off all the cutters but one. In other words, rig your mill to act like a fly cutter. So the question is why not just start with a fly cutter?

Watch a Fly Cutter in Action

Talk is cheap. Check out this video to see a fly cutter skim off aluminum. Amazing finish isn't it?

The Best Tools for the Best Finish

The best finish comes from the best fly cutters and the best fly cutters come from The Tool Company. cnc fly cutter for precisionThey are available in 3 sizes and are balanced to give you better stability and cutting action. Best of all, every fly cutter we sell is made right here in the USA. Every fly cutter has a 5 year warranty so you know they last. If you want the best finish, you need the best fly cutter. Order your fly cutter from The Tool Company today. Don't get ripped off by cheap imitations made in foreign countries. Get American made at The Tool Company