The Micro Drill Adapter Lets You Make Small Holes with Big Machines
It's just a fact of life. Some jobs in the CNC shop require very small holes. The only way you can get a small hole is with a really small bit. Problem is, those really small bits mean huge problems for big machines. You need a solution and you need precision. What you need is a micro drill adapter or an accu-feed.

The Problem with Small Holes

Small holes go hand-in-hand with precision jobs. You may need to make a small hole if you are making jewelry or watchmaking. If your job requires scroll work, you are going to need to make small holes. Machining for the electronics industry requires very, very small holes. The medical industry has many applications that require small holes. Sometimes the machinist working in the hobby workshop has a need for small holes. It feels like small holes are everywhere. That's because they are everywhere. From the machinist's point of view, small holes are a problem because you need a small bit to make a small hole. Those bits with a small diameter are notoriously fragile. The mills, lathes, and drill presses in a CNC shop are not small. But you must harness those big machines to turn your very small bit to make that tiny hole. You can't win for losing. Well, okay, it might not be that bad but you will certainly break many bits in the process. Surely there is a better way.

You Must Have Sensitivity

When you mount a small bit in a huge drill press and pull the handle down, you have no sense of the peck. There is no tactile sense from the bit. That drill press handle can't give you the input you need to determine the level of pressure you apply with each peck. This is a problem because very small bits are not built for pressure. They just can't take it. Those small bits will snap and break when drilling that small hole you need. Very frustrating! What you need is something that you can attach before the tool-holding collet. You need something that will give you fingertip control. You know, that special control you get from the sensitivity at the tips of your fingers. Imagine if you could peck as if the drill bit was an extension of your hand. This is exactly the precision and control you get if you drill with a micro drill adapter or accu-feed.

The Micro Drill Adapter aka Accu-Feed

Precision, controlled drilling isn't a pipe dream if you attach a micro drill adapter. The micro drill adapter (also known as an accu-feed) allows you to get fingertip sensitivity with a very small bit even if you use a very big machine. You install a micro drill adapter between the chuck and the collet. Lower the bit and start your peck cycle with sensitivity. You get virtual fingertip control. Know you an feel the exact amount of pressure you are applying. Because you can feel the bit you snap fewer bits. It's so much easier to drill the tiniest o holes with ease and precision if you can feel what you are doing.

Drill Small Holes with Ease

You can drill a small hole with ease if you use a micro drill adapter. Drill small holes with huge machines without snapping bits. Just add a micro drill adapter to your drill press. The Tool Company offers an accu-feed that is a micro drill adapter made with double shielded bearings for smooth operation. It is a tough micro drill adapter that delivers on sensitivity. You get a tool that is hardened and precision ground for accuracy. The unique, hardened pin drive design won't let you down by weakening0 or expanding like inferior “c” clip styles. Like every tool at The Tool Company, this accu-feed is made in the USA. So, if you need to use a huge machine to drill a tiny hole with precision, click here to order your mirco-feed adapter today.
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