Ultra Precision Arbor Eliminates Precision Cutting Fears
Slitting and precision cutting is scarier than a witch at Halloween. Thankfully, the job is easier for CNC machinists. We use software to do the calculating. Manual machinists don't have it that easy. However, both CNC'ers and manual machinists know that G-wizard software can't hold your saw blade. It can't get you as close to the work area as possible. You must use an ultra precision arbor for that job.

The Precision Cut Horror Story

Precision cutting is like walking into the dark basement in a horror flick. Things may turn out okay or there could be a massacre. Do you machine for microelectronics? What good is 0.01 mm position accuracy if your blade wanders like the Mummy, just arisen from the dead? If you do work for medical or dental applications, it doesn't do any good to have equipment that slays harmonic resonance like a silver bullet to a werewolf, if you can't get the cutter close to the work area. Precision cuts require precision set-up, proper fluid, the right blade, and a precision arbor. Get just one wrong and you sacrifice precision like a babysitter in a slasher flick. A thin kerf blade can't last without the precision combo of fluid, feeds and speeds. Everything comes together just right. The Tool Company knows more about ultra precision arbors than horror movies. We can't help with the blade, but we can make sure that your blade is held with rigidity and is up close to the work area. We sell the ultra precision arbor to complement your ultra precision blade.

The Least Scary Ultra Precision Arbor Ever

Don't be afraid of our ultra precision arbor. It was designed to reduce vibration from the ground up. The unique Vibra-Core design absorbs vibration through the arbor. When you reduce vibration, good things happen. Like finding the cure to the zombie-causing virus.  CNC applications use high speed carbide or cobalt saws. Unfortunately, not all arbors play well with high speed applications. Our ultra precision arbor is ready to do the job. It is heat-treated for strength and integrity. The extra long reach simply out performs all other ultra precision arbors. Period. The more accurately your tool is held in the spindle, the longer it will last. Hurray!

Get the Best at The Tool Company

You deserve more than horror movie cliches. You deserve the best ultra precision arbor made. So, stop messing around and buy one today. Each item we sell is proudly made in the USA. No gremlin-infested, inferior foreign-made products here. Support American manufacturing and buy your ultra precision arbor from The Tool Company today or we'll haunt you with more bad Halloween references. Happy Halloween from The Tool Company
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