A Quick Look at Slitting Saw Arbors, Blades and Techniques
Slitting and slotting saws are highly specialized tools for a very specific purpose. Use a slitting saw to create deep and narrow slots. You can use a slotting saw to slice material from work stock. Slitting saw arbors hold the slitting saw on the spindle. Slitting and slotting saws are preferred over endmills for cuts that are much deeper than wide. This is an example of where the slitting saw will do a better job and it will do it faster.

Selecting the Right Slitting Saw Blade

Start the selection process by looking at the number of teeth on the blade. Use a high tooth count for a clean, finished cut. Slitting saw blades are usually made from carbide or high speed steel. Pick the right blade material for the work. Next, pick the thickest saw blade your job will handle. That's because the thicker the blade the more stability. Stability and rigidity stop problems before they start. Finally, select the right size blade. Most slitting saw blades are about 3” to 4” in diameter. Larger diameters cause runout and wobbling.

Feeds and Speeds are Crucial

The right combination of feed and speed is always crucial. But with this job, it is make or break territory; literally. Get it wrong, there goes the blade. Slitting cuts are ultra precise. So, get the feeds and speeds correct. Make sure your software is designed specifically for slotting or slitting saw cuts. Because slitting saw blades are delicate; it's easy to destroy them with bad feed and speed settings.

Two Techniques

There are two schools of thoughts for making deep cuts. One says make multiple cuts and start shallow then progress deeper. The other approach is to make the full cut in a single pass. The one pass approach assumes that the chips won't clear and this will cause problems on subsequent passes. Use the right feeds, speeds and fluids and this shouldn’t be a problem. Experienced machinists opt for the series of passes approach.

Selecting Slitting Saw Arbors

Your slitting saw arbors need to be selected with the same care as your slitting saw blades. You can't go wrong with an arbor from The Tool Company. The slitting arbors are heat treated to prevent vibration. They also have deep, low-profile caps that add rigidity. The result is less blade slippage. You can buy an individual slitting saw arbor or you can get a set with several sizes. Sizes run from ¼” all the way up to 1 ¼” inside diameter. Every tool sold by The Tool Company is made in the USA. That includes the slitting saw arbors too! Get a full 5 year warranty and American made quality with every purchase. You deserve the best. Order your slitting saw arbor today.