You've Got to Love a CNC Flycutter
A CNC flycutter is a beautiful tool. Technically, a flycutter is any single point cutter used on a mill. but any CNC'er will tell you, it is so much more. It is your go-to tool when you want to lovingly face metal for a flawless finish. When pressed on the issue, even hardcore face mill fans admit that sometimes only a flycutter will do.

One Pass, One Unbeatable Finish

Just try to get an ultra smooth finish with a face mill. First, you individually adjust the cutting height of each insert to 0.0001″. What a pain. Or you can remove all the cutters and leave one. But, what you should really do is just use a flycutter for Pete's sake. For that unbeatable finish, do it in one pass. But, remember to cut from right to left. Chips will go away from you. The beauty of a flycutter is that it allows you to make a complete pass the width of the metal. So, the finish will be uniform. Use a facing head and you will make several passes. That leaves marks where the cuts overlap. You can't tolerate marks if you want an unbeatable finish. Flycutters cut much more shallow as well. Shallow cuts are important for a superior finish.

CNC Flycutters are an Affordable Alternative

Let's face it, tooling isn't cheap. How many times have you had to decide what size tool will get the most work done because you can only afford one size? Flycutters aren't that way. They are a relatively inexpensive tool. So, you can own a variety of sizes. Buy a small cutter to get the rigidity you need for small pieces and buy larger cutters to for those bigger pieces. The Tool Company sells high quality flycutter sets for a hair over $120.00. Now that's a truly affordable price for a set of 3 cutters.

The American Made CNC Flycutter

Finding an American made CNC flycutter is easy. Just buy your flycutters at The Tool Store. Like everything we sell, our flycutters are made in the USA. Each flycutter is heat treated and balanced, so you get a long tool life. They have large set screws for the stability and rigidity you need at high speed. Because each flycutter is perfectly balanced, you are free to operate at high RPMs for an unbeatable finish. The Tool Company supports American manufacturing. We provide high-quality American made tools to be used in shops by American manufacturers. There are cheap, foreign knockoffs here. So, order your flycutter or flycutter set today and get a superior finishing tool at an affordable price.
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