A Slitting Saw Arbor Will Safely Harbor Your Blade
It's not uncommon to find slitting and slotting saws in the hobbyist's shop. They are a staple of most professional CNC shops. They have highly specialized uses and they require a specialized slitting saw arbor.

Why Use a Slitting Saw

slitting saw blades require special slitting saw arborAs the name implies, slitting saws are for making slit-style cuts. Common applications are to slot a screw head, slit a clamp rings, or make a control knob useful by marking the settings. Because they make small thin cuts they are usually very thin blades. That means that they are very delicate. They may look like traditional circular saw blades for woodworking, but they are not. While slitting saws come in a variety of sizes, you always want to use the smallest saw for the job. Saws with very fine teeth are known as "Jeweler's Saws," and they don’t cut very deep. However the very thin blade on a jeweler's saw is perfect for slitting a thin walled tube. Extra care must be used when cutting with a slitting saw because chips can foul the blade quickly. That is because there is no room for chips to collect. Slitting saw blades are either high speed steel or carbide and proper performance demands that they have a rigid mounting.

A Good Slitting Saw Arbor Holds Tight

The job of a slitting saw arbor doesn't seem hard. All a slitting saw arbor should do to perform its job well is to hold the slitting saw blade in place. That's all - just hold the dang blade. But a poorly made slitting saw arbor allows the blade to wander through your work like a drunken sailor. slitting saw arbor No matter how carefully you set up the tooling, if the slitting saw arbor is bad your blade will meander and cut out of tolerance. What a waste. Adding insult to injury, slitting saw blades aren't cheap. You don't want to damage a blade, you want to get as much use out of it as you can. Not only does a drunken, wobbling blade ruin the work it ruins the blade.

A Quality Slitting Saw Arbor Is Your Blade's Safe Harbor

Don’t let a cheap arbor let your blade wander like a rum-soaked sailor. Make sure your blade has a safe harbor with a slitting saw arbor from The Tool Company. Each slitting saw arbor we sell is built around a Vibra-Core design that absorbs cutter vibration. Your blade will stay seated. Another benefit is extra support provided by deep, low profile caps. Our slitting saw arbors give you the closest to the work area. Now that's one safe harbor for your slitting saw. sa3s The Tool Company only sells slitting saw arbors that are made in the USA. We support American manufacturing and appreciate that our manufacturers support our customers with a full 5 year warranty. Put an end to cutters that wander like drunken sailors. Order your American Tool Company slitting saw arbor today and give your blade a safe harbor. Take care of your blades and your blades will take care of you.
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