Ultra Precision Arbor for Cutting High Speed Steel and Carbide
You want an ultra precision arbor that you can rely upon to hold your saw for precision cutting time and time again. If you are CNC’ing with cobalt enhanced high speed steel or a carbide saw you need an ultra precision arbor that operates with the same precision as your saw.

Benefits of High Speed Steel

CNC’ers have made cobalt enhanced high speed steel the alloy of choice in saw blade metal for years. The most common alloy combines a generous portion of tungsten with cobalt to add strength and wear resistance. This cobalt-enhanced high speed steel (HSS) was developed to make working with stainless steel, titanium alloys, and other difficult metals much easier. HSS is strong enough to withstand cutting forces making it the choice for applications such as slitting saws, face mills, and gear cutting. HSS doesn’t cost as much as carbide so it sells for a lower price. It is also an alloy that is easily sharpened. But HSS isn’t perfect. It is has limitations on the speed at which it can be run. You just can’t run HSS at the high rates you can use with carbide steel. But if tool life is more to the application than speed (like ultra precision cutting) HSS is the go-to alloy.

Benefits of Carbide for Precision Cuts

These days, HSS has been replaced by carbide for most high speed CNC applications. Carbide doesn’t have the strength of HSS but it can cut at a wide range of speeds. Under completely equal conditions, a carbide saw can cut anywhere from 4 to 12 times faster than HSS. So if you have a high speed CNC application, carbide is well suited for the job. It will allow you to operate more productively. Check out these ideas from Bright Hub Engineering for getting more performance from your HSS tools.

Get Your Ultra Precision Arbor Now

It doesn’t matter if you are cutting with HSS or carbide, if you are cutting with an ultra precision saw; you need an ultra precision arbor. It doesn’t matter the application, from cutting to grinding or sharpening tools if you are doing it with precision, you can’t use an arbor that chatters or slips. Precision requires control. To get control, use an ultra precision saw arbor from The Tool Company.precision arbor The Tool Company sells individual arbors in sizes that range from ¼” to 1 ¼” inside diameter hole size and sets of ultra precision saw arbors. Each arbor features “Vibra-Core Design”, to absorb cutter vibration. That means you can run at normal depths, feeds, and speeds and maintain your productivity without chatter, slipping, and vibration. For the closest cutter to work area in any arbor, use an arbor made by Sierra American Multi-Systems and sold at The Tool Company. set of precision arbors The Tool Company only sells ultra precision saw arbors that are made in the USA. Each ultra precision saw arbor features Weldon shanks and a full 5 year warranty. Order online today and get ready to experience the feeling of real control that comes with using an ultra precision saw arbor to hold your saw.
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