Celebrating American Manufacturing and the Collet Wrench that Makes it Happen
January can be kind of a cold, dreary and dull month. The holiday season has passed and life settles back into a routine that can almost feel like a rut. So, let's spice things up with an impromptu celebration. Let's recognize American manufacturing and the collet wrench. Why not? January needs some life. The economy is up. We see signs of growth in American manufacturing as well. Since your collet wrench is a tool that makes your life easier and your balance sheet healthier let's celebrate it as well.

Celebrating the Collet Wrench

Time spent tooling isn’t time spent on machining. You want to work as efficiently as possible. A collet wrench makes you a quick change artist. Remove 5C or R8 collets from the nose of your mill easily and quickly. You’ll get just the right amount of torque. Collets have low runout (natural deviation caused by spin of tool). Runout is costly. If you want a healthy bottom line, you must find ways to control runout. Decrease runout with collets, and decrease wasted motion by using a collet wrench. Sound simple? It is! Grab your collet wrench and celebrate.

Celebrating American Manufacturing

While you are celebrating, don’t forget the American manufacturing economy that continues to recover. Forbes predicts continued growth for 2018 and even more gains in 2019. Changes in tax laws has many companies repatriating dollars to the US. That's certainly something to celebrate. Growth will continue in the oil and petrochemical sectors. If you machine parts for these sectors, the future looks bright. Need to purchase new machinery? 2018 might be a good year. Because capacity utilization is low, it’s a great time to shop equipment. Its a good time to shop financing as well. American manufacturing is making a comeback and The Tool Company is proud to play a supporting role. We sell the collet wrenches, saw arbors, multistops, and tool trays you need. Everything we sell is also made in the USA. So, don't let January get you down. Create something new. Try a new technique. Celebrate little things like your collet wrench and big things like a growing economy and the resurgence of American manufacturing.
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