Celebrating the Slitting Saw Arbor (and other Arbors Too)
By the beginning of the year, most people are tired of celebrating. Not The Tool Company. We're not done celebrating by far. We're celebrating the slitting saw arbor today. And we're celebrating other saw arbors too. If Arbor Day can celebrate trees, January 10 can celebrate the Slitting Saw Arbor. The average person thinks arbors are leafy areas. But to a machinist, an arbor is the bar or shaft holding a spinning cutting tool. So, let’s celebrate the slitting saw arbor and make today Saw Arbor Day.

The Slitting Saw Arbor

The slitting saw and the slotting make narrow cuts. These saws need an arbor that keeps the blade steady. This is even more important if you are run at high speeds. Slitting and slotting saws work best if you don't make those deep slits or slots in one pass. Get the best results using the same peck cycle used for drilling. Yes, a good slitting saw arbor holds your blade on the vertical or horizontal, but it can’t protect the blade from heating up and fouling if you run too fast. Slitting saw arbors must be different. Because many slitting saw cuts are deep, the slitting saw arbor has an extra long reach. They must be the NBA players of the machine shop. Slitting saws get up close to their work. So, slitting saw arbors must get the cutter as close as possible. The slitting saw arbor is a hard working tool. That's why we say “Hoo Rah” for the slitting saw arbor.

The Ultra Precision Arbor

The slitting saw arbor may work slow, but the ultra precision arbor is all about speed. High speed cobalt and carbide saws require a steady arbor. They provide extra support and prevent cutter slippage. Their weldon shank and hub configuration provides the rigidity necessary for small tools. They excel at high speed CNC applications. The ultra precision arbor works hard at engraving, micromachining, or grinding. They don't complain; the just do their job. Hoo Rah for the ultra precision arbor.

General Purpose Arbors

The slitting saw arbor and the ultra precision arbor are specialists. But, the general purpose arbor is the polar opposite. It is the unsung hero of arbors. It holds all of the other saw blades. The general purpose arbor absorbs vibrations, gets the cutter close to the work piece and does it all with rigidity. This hard-working arbor doesn’t chatter. It is testament to the virtue of hard work. Day in and day out it keeps the blade from straying. Yipee for the general reach arbor.

Every Day is Arbor Day at The Tool Company

The Tool Company sells the highest quality saw arbors made. Every day is Arbor Day at The Tool Company. Every slitting saw arbor has a deep profile cap. You get up close and personal with the cutter. The cutter gets close to the work. That’s something to celebrate. Every tool we sell is made in the USA. A full 5 year warranty is standard on every product. Celebrate Saw Arbor Day with the best. Order your slitting saw arbor, ultra precision saw arbor, or general purpose arbor today.
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