CNC Fly Cutters
CNC fly cutters are single point cutters that you attach to a computer controlled mill. They are the finishing and facing tools no shop can be without. There may be more fly cutters in a manual machine shop, but CNC'ers know know that a fly cutter beats a face mill every time for a superior finish. That's because fly cutters cut a larger swath on each pass. As you know, the fewer the passes, the smoother the finish. It's a low-tech tool for a high-tech finish.
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CNC Fly Cutters Rock

CNC fly cutters are just a cylindrical body that accepts a tool for cutting. It's not the tool for removing large amounts of metal, but it is perfect for shaving off very small amounts. Fly cutters rock the finishing world. Face it, finishing with a face mill just doesn't cut it. All puns intended. Face mills use multiple cutters. When you put multiple cutters into one tool you get a bad finish if the inserts are not exactly the same height. And, you know they won't be. For the best possible finish, a single cutter is always the best solution. A face mill can only do the job if remove all the cutters but one. Still, it won't be the same. So, just start with a fly cutter!

Watch CNC Fly Cutters in Action

Watch this Tormach with a fly cutter. Just one pass and its incredibly smooth. As you can see, after just one pass the fly cutter provides a great finish. The machine in this video is a Tormach CNC machine. But, if you use a manual machine, the geometry is the same you just adjust your feeds and speeds as described here.

Use The Best CNC Fly Cutters to Get the Best Finish

The finest finish comes with using the finest CNC fly cutters. You get the best fly cutters at The Tool Company. Three sizes are available. Each is balanced for better stability and superior cutting action. Best of all, everything we sell is made right here in the USA. The CNC fly cutters come with a 5 year warranty. So, you know they are made to last. Order your fly cutters today and get the best finish from the best fly cutter made. Your works deserves the best finish, the finish you get from a fly cutter from The Tool Company.
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