Use the Right Ultra Precision Arbor and Software for Successful Medical Machining
Thinking about expanding into a new niche? The need for medical industry machining is growing the population ages. But like all niches, machining for the medical industry has its challenges. First, the materials are different. Second, the sizes are really small. You need all the help you can get. If you machine parts for surgical implants or medical instruments you must machine very small parts (think micro machining) and work with titanium and plastics. You need powerful software too. Plus you've got to find the work. The Tool Company can't help you find medical-industry customers, but we make the tools like the ultra precision arbor and micro drill to get the job done once you get the job. We even point you to some really powerful software to get you up and running.

The Real Value of Tools

Micromachining and microdrilling require extremely specialized equipment. Buying tools isn't a time to be penny-wise and pound foolish. Don’t let sticker shock prevent you from buying the best precision saws, ultra precision arbors, and software. Keep cycle times short and setups simple. Maximize all available turret positions. Invest in quality saws and ultra precision arbors for long-lasting performance. Then, put them to work. Experiment with feeds and speeds until you find the sweet spot.

The Right Software

Autodesk Partmaker is a Knowledge-Based Machining program that will turbocharge software helps productivityyour productivity. The software takes specific information about your shop then adds in, feeds and speeds, tooling and repetitive processes to speed programming. You receive several options to manufacture your parts based on your available tooling and batch size. Use as a stand-alone program or with FeatureCAM Ultimate and reduce programming time. SmartCAM also makes use of a Knowledge-Based Machining Library. It is super simple to use. Even first time users can cut metal the first day. Then, set up new jobs by grouping data and associating machines and materials. The newest version improves the user interface even more. Because it doesn’t matter if the software is powerful, if you can’t use it then it's garbage.

Ultra Precision Arbor, Micro Drill Adapter Made in the USA

No matter the job, your work is only as good as your tools. Rely on an ultra precision arbor or a micro drill adapter from The Tool Company. Will you machine with a cobalt or high speed steel saw? Buy an ultra precision arbor from The Tool Company. It utilizes a Vibra-Core design to reduce vibration and chatter. Go for extra long reach out and get closest cutter to work area available. The micro drill adapter at The Tool Company is one of the most accurate mini-drill adapters sold. An accufeed is the secret weapon for less drill breakage used by machinists everywhere. Everything we sell at The Tool Company is made in the USA and backed by a 5 year warranty. So, go ahead and explore new niches. We've got your back.