CNC: Looking Beyond CNC Tool Trays and Such
We write an incredible amount about CNC. In the past, we've covered tooling, CNC techniques and even how to build a tool cart using CNC tool trays. But, we've never just taken a look at CNC'ing in general. So, now is the time!

What Does CNC Mean?

We use the acronym all the time. But, what does it mean? CNC equals Computer Numeric Control. That means that the cutting, carving, routing, or milling machine is controlled by a computer. Software is in charge. It isn’t the same thing as robotics. CNC machines run saw blades, router bits, drill bits and face mills.

Geometry of Machining

CNC machines operate using an X axis and a Y axis. Remember that the X axis runs across on a horizontal line. The Y axis is vertical. Looking at the bed of a CNC machine is like looking at the graph paper from high school Algebra. The X axis is horizontal and the Y axis is vertical. But CNC machining lets you machine in 3 dimensions. A CNC machine understands the Z axis. The Z axis defines the movement of the cutter up and down.
 Software makes the difference

Computers Changed Machining Forever

Computer control changed machining forever. For the better! Before computer control, if you wanted to drill numerous holes, the machinist manually operated the drill press up and down and fed the work stock. Of course, first they had to handle the tooling and set-up. Computers took on the tedious job of moving the drill press up and down. Great! Computers don't get bored. Now programs direct the machine movements. The same program feeds the stock too. But, the biggest change was computer assisted drawing (CAD). Now, you use software to design an object, then the software converts the design into a set of instructions the machine uses to create the piece. Man uses software to control the machinery instead of his hands.

CNC Tool Trays, Arbors and Collet Wrenches

The Tool Company understands all types of machining. It doesn't matter if you need a multi-stop for your manual mill, a collet wrench, CNC tools or CNC tool trays to keep them safe. The Tool Company has what you need when you need it. Like you, we believe in American manufacturing. Everything we sell is made in the USA. You deserve American made quality from the company that knows CNC. You deserve tools and tool trays from The Tool Company. Like our name says, tools are all we do.
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