use an r8 tool holder whn it is time to organize your tools
2017 is here and it's time to take inventory. So, what's in every shop? Commercial and hobby shops all have these things all in common:
  • Machinist doing the work
  • Machine (drill press, lathe, mill, etc) running the tools
  • Tools
  • Tool holders
Naturally there are the things like raw materials, cutting and cleaning fluids, and collets and their wrenches too. Hey and don't forget chuck and his key! But what every efficient shop must have are the little things that allow all of the big things to work together. A CNC tool tray is one of those things. 

CNC Tool Trays by the Tapers

There may be many models of machines but there are just a few milling machine tapers. You will find that most machines have a 30, 40, or 50 taper. As you know, the larger the taper the more powerful the mill. 60 taper machines are extremely large and extremely uncommon. The idea of a CNC tool is to perform tool set-up in the tool crib or tool storage area. Then you use the tray to safely transport the tools to the machining area. This reduces the risk of tool damage. Tool carts aren't easy to navigate between equipment. That makes them a bad idea. Carry a CNC tool tray with handles and navigate even the tightest spaces.

Tools Trays at The Tool Company

The Tool Company sells CNC tool trays for 30, 40, and 50 tapers. These trays are made with a high impact plastic. It's tough enough to protect your your expensive tools. Both Rapid-Switch and NMTB fit. Locate your tools at a glance. The open design makes this possible. Each position on the tray is numbered for easy tool sequencing operation. That’s just another reason efficient shops use CNC tool trays. Like everything sold at The Tool Company, these CNC tool trays are proudly made in the USA. They are proud to serve in your American shop. Get serious about organization and efficiency in 2017 and start using CNC tool trays. Order your CNC tool tray today.
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