Fly Cutters are for CNC'ers Too
Ask any manual machinist about how to get a fine finish, and they will tell you you’ve got to use a fly cutter. CNC machinists generally rely on face mills, but the savviest CNC'ers know that you can’t beat fly cutters for the best finish possible. 

Face Mill versus Fly Cutter

The finest aluminum finish is made with a fly cutter using a diamond insert. That statement is true for manual machinists and it holds for CNC machinists too. Your face mill may run at higher RPMs, but you need a slow speed for a beautiful, brushed finish. The only way you can get that finish with a face mill is to remove all the cutters except one. You must turn your CNC face mill into a CNC fly cutter. This kind of face mill set up won’t remove material well, but it will leave a nice surface finish. A fly cutter can get into places a face mill can’t. Want to see a great example? Check out this link to watch a fly cutter resurface the table of a table saw. A face mill couldn't do this job. But, a fly cutter gives the travel you need to do the job. So, don't use a face mill if a CNC fly cutter is the better tool for the job.

Tips for Using Fly Cutters

Follow these tips to handle even the toughest materials (think hard like titanium or stainless steel or soft like aluminum) and get a smooth, flawless finish. Use the Right Feed and Speed – If you will just use the right combination of feed and speed you can machine almost anything. What makes "difficult" materials difficult is the small range in which you can machine them. Use software that can account for all variables. Coolant – Some materials machine better if you use coolant and some materials absolutely require you to use coolant. Always use coolant, even if it is just a mist. With stainless, it will help reduce hardening, with aluminum it will prevent chips from welding to the cutter, and in titanium it will prevent heat build-up in. Clear Chips – Keep chips clear. It doesn't matter whether you use liquid coolant or air mist. Let's say it again, keep chips clear. Recutting uncleared chips makes the tool work harder. So, clear chips as quickly as they are produced.

Use the Right Holder

No matter your machine or material, make sure you hold the cutter with the right tool. The Tool Company sells fly cutters in 1½”, 2”, and 2 ½” diameters. They can hold large fly cutters to remove material with a minimum number of passes. The alloy screws to reduce chatter. If you are machining at higher RPMs, don't worry. This fly cutter is balanced for higher RPMs. Every fly cutter at The Tool Company was manufactured in the USA and has a 5 year warranty. You deserve quality tools to produce quality work. You deserve a fly cutter from The Tool Company. Click to order your fly cutter today. Buy one or buy a set.
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