Did Edgar Cayce Predict the Collet Wrench?*
Edgar Cayce was an American psychic. He fell into a deep trance and began to make predictions. Someone gave him the name the "Sleeping Prophet." He said many things while he was in this sleeping state. Did he say anything about the collet wrench? Maybe he did!

Dealing with Difficult Relationships

Cayce predicted that difficult relationships would arise. He counseled that these difficulties are an opportunity to grow in this life and the next. You just need a tool to help through those difficult times. Could the tool he recommended be a collet wrench? Face it, you probably have a love/hate relationship with your mill. Sometimes everything sets up right and sometimes setup gives you a fit. But with a collet wrench in hand, you get just the right amount of torque on the collet for the best hold. Maybe Cayce prophesied the difficult relationship you can have with your collets and saw the collet wrench as a tool to help.

The Gasless Motor

In reading 4666, Cayce predicted the electric motor that powers mills and lathes today. Honestly, when is the last time you had to add diesel to your machine?
You will have before you the gasless motor invented
Now granted, Cayce did live until 1945. That was plenty of time to see electricity and electric motors become commonplace. Wonder if while he was dreaming of motors that ran without gas if he dreamed of the lathes and mills operated by these motors? If so, surely he knew that the collet would be the preferred method of tool holding, and collets need collet wrenches. This means he must have predicted the collet wrench!

Get Your Collet Wrench - The End is Near!

Cayce predicted that cataclysmic events would change the face of the Earth forever. On August 11, 1936 he asked about changes that might happen with the start of a new millennium (2000 or 2001). He responded
When there is a shifting of the poles a new cycle begins.
Well that's been about 17 or 18 years. There are scientists that believe that about that time, the North and South Poles started to shift. No joke. It's happened before. They say when it happens, its bad. So just in case he was right, you should probably get your collet wrench now. That way you have time to use it before the end is near. Cayce didn’t prophsey about where to find a good collet wrench, but if he had, he would have said The Tool Company. Cayce appreciated quality. He'd predict the best quality collet wrench would be made in the USA. Even then, he was suspicious of goods made in China. Get your Armageddon-proof collet wrench from The Tool Company now. The design made by Sierra American Multi-systems has a concave face that aligns perfectly. The handle is sturdy, durable and easy-to-find. So, follow the lead of the sleeping prophet and buy your collet wrench today.
*Edgar Cayce didn’t really predict the collet wrench. His dictated prophesies while in a trance and many of them were so vague you can manipulate them to mean almost anything. Most of the predictions in this blog are pure fiction. But CNC machining is based on hard physical science. You need serious equipment (tool tray, saw arbor, collet wrench) like you find at The Tool Company. We’ve made what you need when you mean business.
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