Don't Let Slitting Saw Arbors or Blades Scare You
Ever get the feeling your shop is possessed? Are strange things happening in there? Maybe you've just been away for awhile. Even dedicated hobbyists can get a bit rusty when life comes between them and their hobby. Maybe all you need is a quick refresher on some tools and techniques. Ready? Let's begin with definitions. Slotting and slitting saws blades have a specialized purpose. These tools make deep and narrow cuts. Use a slotting saw to slice material from stock. Slitting saw arbors are the tool holders that keep the slitting saw blade on the spindle. Slitting saws and slotting saws do a better job than endmills when it comes to cuts that are deeper than wide. See, isn't it all coming back to you? Nothing to be afraid of here.

Always Buy the Right Blades

Don't buy garbage because it is cheap. You will only lose money over the long haul. Always start with the number of teeth on a blade. Go with a high tooth count to get a clean, finished cut. Always choose the right blade material for the job you are doing. Slitting saw blades are usually made from carbide or high speed steel. Next, go with the thickest saw blade the operation can handle. Thicker blades mean more stability. Stability means rigidity. You want rigidity in all times and places. Now, select the right blade size. Most slitting saws have a 3” to 4” in diameter. If you go big, you will go home with run out, wobbling, and staggering. All bad things.

Use Proper Feeds and Speeds

Feeds and speeds are always important. But, working with a slitting saw is literally a make or break operation. Get it wrong and trash the blade. All cuts are precise, but slitting cuts are extra, super precise. Pick software that handles slotting and slitting saw cuts. The wrong feed and speed setting will destroy your slitting blade faster than Godzilla destroyed Tokyo.  

One Pass or Two?

There are two techniques for making deep cuts. With one approach, you make a series of multiple cuts. Start shallow and then cut progressively deeper. Another way is to dig in and make the full cut in one single pass. The single pass method avoids the problem of chips that don't clear and then foul the blade on the next passes. But, if you just program the right feeds and speeds and use plenty of fluids, this shouldn’t be a problem. Seasoned machinists use a series of cuts.

Always Use Quality Slitting Saw Arbors

Your saw blade deserves the best slitting saw arbors. If you used care in picking your blade, use care in picking the arbor. You will never go wrong if you buy slitting saw arbors at The Tool Company. These slitting arbors are heat treated. That prevents vibration. Deep, low-profile caps add rigidity. You get less blade slippage. They sell individual slitting saw arbors and multi-size sets. Every tool sold sold by the Tool Company is made in the USA. All slitting saw arbors have a full 5 year warranty. Buy your slitting saw arbors today
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