Did Nostradamus Predict the Collet Wrench?
It was fun pretending that Edgar Cayce predicted the collet wrench. Even more famous than Cayce is Michael de Nostradame. He was a French medical doctor, astrologer and prognosticator that todaywe call Nostradamus. People read his 4-line poems to get hints to the future and see if he was right about history. People say Nostradamus predicted everything from the London fire to World War II. Let’s see if he predicted the collet wrench!

CNC Lathes and Mills

Collets are the tool holders used on CNC lathes and mills. The collet wrench provides just the right amount of torque. But, CNC equipment didn't exist in his time. How could Nostradamus predict a tool for equipment that didn’t exist? He must have used some really "special" tea leaves.
“Something and nothing in combination Become instructions The great monster goes to work Making by removing”
The quatran makes a clear reference to digital electronic processing. When “something and nothing in combination become instructions”, you’ve got the binary ones and zeros that are the base of programming languages.This match concept was conceived by George Boole in 1847. Not only did Nostradamus predict digital processing, but he saw how it would impact manufacturing. Now, the part about "making by removing” is clearly a reference to subtractive manufacturing. You use a lathe to remove the parts you don’t want to make the part you need. The collet holds the tool in the lathe and the collet wrench adjusts the collet that holds the tool.

High Impact Plastic

The collet wrench sold by The Tool Company is manufactured with high-impact plastic. This stuff wasn’t even in around back in the 1500’s when Michael was crystal ball gazing and writing with quill and ink. But, did he see the flourscent orange plastic handle in his visions? Possibly.
“From the death of the old A new material arises. Wonderous in its strength. A delight to the eye”
Maybe “from the death of old a new material arises” refers to dinosaurs that died, decomposed and transformed into the black oil that we turn into plastic! By Jove, that's it! The Tool Company collet wrench is strong because its made of polystyrene. This wonder resin can be machined and molded. Its way better than regular styrene. You can make it any color. The Tool Company thinks bright orange is a good idea. The bright color is a “delight to the eye” because it is easy to find in a cluttered machine shop.

Don't Wait to Get Your Collet Wrench

Nostradamus wasn't big on dates as part of his prognostications. But he said the world would end in 3797. On the off chance he got the date wrong, you should probably get your collet wrench now. Nostradamus never said where to get a good collet wrench. If he had, he would have said buy your collet wrench from The Tool Company. The concave face aligns perfectly. The handle is sturdy, durable and easy-to-find. Buy your collet wrench at The Tool Company now. The end may be near.