Good News for Metalworkers from the Ultra Precision Arbor Company
The Tool Company is just full of good news. Your favorite seller of the ultra precision arbor and fly cutter is stoked to share some good news for metalworkers. The Gardner Business Index for Metalworking has been decreasing in durable goods capacity utilization.
 courtesy Stuart Miles

So What?

Why do you care? Because its incredible news for metalworkers. So, you better grab your tool tray, your collet wrench and your ultra precision arbor and get to work. Because the backlog index is accelerating, durable goods capacity utilization should shift from contraction to expansion. After 22 months of contraction, that's good news too. Remember, the backlog index is a growth leading indicator. And, it's a reliable leading indicator to boot. Finally, contraction is ready to shift to growth. It’s time to work.

Potential for Growth in Jobs

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a faster than average job growth rate. They predict growth of 17% to 2024. This includes jobs for metal and plastic workers. For toolmakers, the news is even better. How does a job growth rate of about 6% sound to you? Toolmakers are getting close to retirement and few workers are entering the field. This is one job with tremendous potential for growth.Millwrights have an even brighter future. Their predicted job growth rate is 14%. So, CNC workers have lots of good news to cheer about. When the manufacture of durable goods grows the number of jobs grows too. It doesn't matter if you make goods or make parts, you're going to have plenty to do. So, get your tools ready!

Get Your Ultra Precision Arbor and Get Ready!

 Gold Series Ultra Precision Arbor Box Set
Get ready to go to work with American-made tools. The Tool Company believes in American manufacturing. We only sell products made in the USA. We back what we sell with a 5 year warranty. Our ultra precision arbor incorporates Vibra-Core technology. This reduces chatter. Only our accufeed brings finger-tip control to your press. Why settle for cheap imitations made in foreign countries? Just buy the best from The Tool Company. Then get to work! The future is bright for metalworkers, millwrights, and all machinists.
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