If you need a precision finish, you need a fly cutter. You just can't beat the incredible finish you get from a fly cutter. Fly cutters were recognized as an invaluable tool in the machine shop as far back as 1884. Sure, some CNC machinists use face mills for finishing; fly cutter setbut experienced machinists know that the secret weapon to for the smoothest aluminum finishing is a fly cutter with a diamond insert. It’s the first choice for a mirror finish.

One Pass Finishes with Fly Cutters

Make one pass for the finest finish over a large surface area. That is the fly cutter advantage. Even Ingersoll Rand recommends that their face mills be operated as fly cutters for the finest finish. They even tell you how to modify their face mill. So, the obvious question is why should make a face mill act like a fly cutter when you should just use a fly cutter in the first place? For the right finish at the end, you must start right inn the beginning.

Using a Fly Cutter

Finishing is just one use of a fly cutter. Use a fly cutter to machine small fly cutters an involute on a gear tooth or cut clearance notches in pistons. It's the perfect tool for the job. Need to make circular cuts and notches in metal? The fly cutter is the obvious choice. The only limit is your imagination. Need to mill an odd shape? Use a fly cutter.

Get Your Fly Cutters Here

No matter the speed you run, The Tool Company has a fly cutter that will perform to perfection. Every fly cutter we sell is proudly made in the USA. Balance and Stability. Operate at high RPMs and low RPMs. No worries, our fly cutters are balanced. This proper balance extends the life of the tool. So, expect a longer operating life. Large alloy set screws hold the blade stable. Size Matters. When it comes to fly cutters, size does matter. Our fly cutters use the larger ½” and 3/8” bits, and this saves you milling time. In any CNC shop, time is money. In addition, 3 size fly cutters are available:
  • 1 ½” diameter
  • 2” diameter
  • 2 1/2” diameter
All of our fly cutters are backed by a 5 year warranty. So, you know they are made to stand up to the toughest shop conditions. Don’t settle for an inferior fly cutter. Order your fly cutter today.

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