ultra precision saw arbor
Admit it. You love to sit around on a Friday night and swap stories with your buds. So, the next Friday or Saturday night that finds you drinking beer, swapping stories and talking shop, impress your bros with this not trivial trivia about your favorite saw arbors. Seriously.

Start With Your Precision

You don't cut or grind with any tool. You use the perfect blade and you get your precision from your perfect saw arbor. Whether you are using a general purpose arbor, a slitting saw arbor, or an ultra precision saw arbor you get precision with a capital P. That’s because you only use saw arbors from The Tool Company. You buy saw arbors made by Sierra American Multi-Systems. Their unique design gives you the ability to get your cutter closer than anyone else. Nothing else gets you up close like your saw arbor. Let them top that.

Be a Control Freak

That awesome design that gets you so close also provides extra cutter support. The deep cap design means less slippage. Ever had a cutter chatter like your girlfriend talking about how much money she saved by buying new shoes? Yeah well that's your buddy's problem; not yours. Your incredible saw arbors create less chatter and less slippage. That means your need to be a control freak equals less ruined work and more life out of your saw blade. Go ahead; brag about your control. Then tell them that the unique Vibracore design also minimizes vibration. Lay it out for them:
  • Extra support
  • No Chatter
  • Less Slippage
  • Less Vibration
They couldn't get a better saw arbor if they made it themselves. The arbors and trays at The Tool Company are just that good.

You Have Saw Arbors for Any Application

The Tool Company carries a wide variety of saw arbors for different applications. They are so affordable you have them all. That means you’ve got saw hole sizes that range from ¼ inch all the way up to 1 ¼ inch. General purpose saw arbors, ultra precision saw arbors, and slitting saw arbors. You can afford to specialize. All with weldon shanks for security. All give you extra long reach out. You've got cutter holders that work just as hard as you do. 

Your Saw Arbors Are Made in the USA

Politicians may talk about bringing manufacturing back to America, but you do more than talk. You support hardworking Americans by only buying American-made saw arbors. Tell them to check it out. Every tool, tray, and cutter holder you buy from The Tool Company was made in the USA by workers just like you. Tell them you don’t get ripped off by cheap imitations from foreign companies. arbors. You could maybe even tell them to buy saw arbors from The Tool Company and be a top machinist like you.
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