The book stores are filled with "dummies guide to" any topic you can imagine. You don't have to be an Einstein to use a micro drill adapters and you don't need to buy a book. Even if you aren't the sharpest tool in the shed, here's what you need to know about micro drilling and the need for using a micro drill adapter.

Why Micro Drilling Isn't The Same

cnc milling machine uses micro drill adaptersThe physics of machining gets more precise as you work on a smaller scale. Micro machining is more sensitive than just machining in miniature. When you micro machine you are using high-speed spindles with low run out. It also demands rigidity. Rigidity keeps the contours from changing when the force changes. If everything doesn't fall into place just exactly you don't get the end result you need. Then you feel like a real dummy for wasting valuable machine time and material as well as your own time. To micro drill you need to start with the right machine and drill. But that's just the start. You also need the right collet. When it comes to micro drills, the tool holding technology is just as important as the machine and tool. Thus, a high precision collet that has been hand clamped to the spindle will give you the accuracy the job demands. Automatic tool changers are not always accurate enough for micro machining. With micro machining, you can't afford any inaccuracy. No inaccuracy is small with micro machining. Every dummy needs to understand this key concept.

It's all About the Details

Micro drilling demands attention to detail. That's true for every job in a CNC or manual machine shop, but some jobs have a larger margin of error. Micro machining is not that job. Pay attention to the drill material itself. Make sure you select a high-quality drill that has the shortest cutting flutes possible to do the job. As a general rule, select high speed steel over carbide unless the material requires carbide. Speeds and feeds are critical. Control the feed rate must be carefully. Don't pull the drill into the work piece. When the drill gets pulled in the bit is ruined. It can even break your drill. Stick with an RPM under 3000. Higher RPMs decrease the usable life of the cutting edges of the bit.

micro drill adapter made by Sierra American

The Best Micro Drill Adapter

Use an adapter that puts you in complete control. Use a micro drill adapter from The Tool Company that features:
  • Double shielded bearings
  • Sensitive fingertip controls
  • “O” tapper design to work with keyed and keyless chucks
  • Precision ground construction
  • Hardened pin drive design
The Tool Company only sells micro drill adapters made right here in the USA. You can’t go wrong supporting quality US manufacturing. Be careful. Some suppliers sell inferior micro drill adapters made in China from cheap material. That won't happen at The Tool Company. At The Tool Company, you always get a high-quality tools, made in the USA, and backed by a warranty. made-usa
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