It's almost Christmas. If you still haven't found a gift for the machinist in your life, we've got a few more ideas. From R8 tool holders to keep their tools safe to goggles to keep their eyes safe, we've got ideas for any budget.

R8 Tool Holders for Tool Safety

Give a gift that protects their expensive tooling. Portable R8 tool holders come in different sizes and configurations to hold their tools. They can use them for storage or for transport between the tool room and the machine. They'll think of you at evr8 tool holdersery tool change. That could be pretty often! This one is numbered to help with tool sequencing and is made from a high impact plastic to protect the tools. It even has handles to give a better grip as you move from the tooling area to the machining area. At $34.95 it won't break the bank either. Order your R8 tool holder now at The Tool Company for delivery in time for Christmas.

Safety Goggles and Dust Masksstryker safety goggles

So if you aren't about protecting their tools, how about protecting the machinist? Every shop requires the use of safety equipment, so make sure they are using the best. Looking for eye protection? Stryker safety goggles set the standard. They fit comfortably over prescription eye wear and don't obstruct peripheral vision as so many goggles do. Fit well with most half-masks as well. And speaking of masks, why not give them a mask for work and play? u2-maskThe mu2 mask is different from other masks. Instead of trapping particles it repels them. That means it can be used over and over again. Like the Stryker goggles go with masks, this mask is made to work with goggles. If your machinist is into trail riding or other outdoor activities, it can be used for play too. It even comes in colors!

Digital Calipers

This digital caliper measures four ways; outside, inside, depth, and step. But they won't be able to measure how happy they are to get this gift. The large LCD display can be zeroed at any position. It comes complete with battery so it is ready to get to work as soon as they are. digital-caliperAll calipers do the same thing, measure. The difference is how well they do it. These do it well. They slide easily and automatically shut off when not in use for 5 minutes.

Happy Holidays from The Tool Company

No matter what you celebrate in the month of December, The Tool Company wants you to celebrate with happiness, joy, friends, and family. From our shop to yours here's to holidays that are merry-and-bright
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