Homer Simpson can be relied upon to eat any doughnut around and leave the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant in chaos at the end of his shift. But Homer knows his tools and he knows quality micro drill adapters when he sees them. He recognizes tools that are “D’oh” proof. Here’s what he would say.

Micro Drilling Is Different

58 tool holder is a type of collet Standard Drilling is not Micro Drilling
The physics of machining is more precise the smaller you go in scale. Even Homer knows micromachining isn’t just drilling in miniature, it is more sensitive To micromachine effectively you need to use high speed spindles with low run out. You also need rigidity. If it isn’t rigid the contours will change as the force changes. That means you don’t get the results that you set up to achieve. That’s a waste of machine time, human labor, and material. D’oh! You need more than just the right machine and drill. That’s because toolholding technology for micro drills is as important to the operation as the machine tool. You need a high precision collet that has been hand clamped to the spindle to insure accuracy. Automatic toolchangers are great, but they can be inaccurate. Small inaccuracies aren’t small in micromachining. Even Homer knows this!

Pay Attention to the Details

Homer may ignore his wife and children but he knows successful microdrilling requires attention to detail. That’s why he works at a nuclear power plant and not a CNC shop. The first detail is the drill material itself. Use only the highest quality drills with the shortest cutting flutes possible to do the job. High speed steel is preferred over carbide unless the work piece material calls for carbide. Secondly speeds and feeds are critical. The feed rate must be controlled and the drill can’t be pulled into the work piece. If your drill gets pulled in you will probably break your drill. Use an RMP under 3000. Running at a high RPM means you must have a faster feed rate just to counteract work hardening. High RPMs can decrease the life of the cutting edges on your drill. micro drill adapter made by Sierra American

Use the Best Micro Drill Adapter to Hold Your Drill

Use an adapter that puts you in complete control. The Tool Company sells micro drill adapters made by Sierra American Multi Tool. Each micro drill adapter features:
  • Double shielded bearings
  • Sensitive fingertip controls
  • “O” tapper design to work with keyed and keyless chucks
  • Precision ground construction
  • Hardened pin drive design
Every micro drill adapter sold at The Tool Company is made in the USA. You won’t go wrong when you go with The Tool Company. Order today and get ready to get drilling.
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