saw close upSaws and mills are great tools, but they can also be dangerous. Nothing can strike fear in the heart of a beginning machinist like a slitting saw, unless perhaps it is the trusty fly cutter. You don't need to fear your slitting saw if you just pick the right slitting saw arbor and use these tips to maximize the performance from your slitting saw. Slitting saws are used to create narrow cuts in metal. If you need a large cut, you use a slotting saw. Slitting saw blades look like the circular saw blades you use in woodworking. Many of the cutters you use for metal have a cousin for woodworking.

Important Consideration When Picking a Slitting Saw Arbor

The job of your slitting saw arbor is to hold the blade in place. Most slitting saws sit on an arbor that uses a cap to hold the saw blade in place. This is the conventional design and it contains a majorsaw arbor set flaw. You need to hold the work in a vise to keep it secure and you safe. Once your work in in the vise, the clamping screw can foul the vise. There goes the work and the blade. The Tool Company has found a slitting saw arbor that overcomes this problem by utilizing a deep cap to present a low profile. This revolutionary design allows for the closest blade to work area than any other arbor on the market. That's why we are excited to carry this line of arbors for slitting saws, slotting saws, and general purpose saws.

A Revolutionary Arbor

In addition to the amazing design that allows for close work, this slitting saw arbor also features:
  • Superior vibration absorption
  • Weldon shank for durability
  • Extra Long Reach
  • 5 Year Warranty
The Tool Company sells these amazing arbors individually or as saw arbor sets. Like all the tools we sell, these slitting saw arbors have been made in the USA.

Slitting Saw Tips

Now that you’ve got your blade and you’ve got your arbor. It’s time to get to work. Don’t let all those stories of ruined projects scare you away. Here are a few slitting saw tips:
  • Run Slow – Just because your slitting saw looks like a wood circular saw doesn’t mean it works like one. For best results run slow. Keep your feed rate low as well
  • Keep it Oiled - Use lots of lubricant.
  • Keep it clean – remove any swarf after each pass
  • One Way - always cut in the same direction

General Purpose, Ultra Precision Arbors

saw arborIf you need a saw arbor, The Tool Company has you covered. We carry slitting saw arbors, general purpose arbors, and arbors for cutting with extreme precision. Each saw arbor we sell utilizes the same deep cap construction to get your blade up close and personal to the work. Each arbor is guaranteed for 5 years to give you the performance you need. Click to order or give us a call today.