In 2017 Operate As Smooth CNC Fly Cutters Finish
2017 is the year for you to operate your shop as smoothly a fly cutter finish. Here's some New Year's resolutions from your friends at The Tool Company, the experts in CNC fly cutters, slitting saws, and the operating an efficient shop.

Use Software

It all starts with drawing with a CAD program and then a CAM program converts the design into G-code. That's the software you use to calculate feeds and speeds. But your software can do much more than just feeds and speeds. But you must ask it. Explore the power of your CAM software and harness it it fully. You may find that you can use your CAM to increase efficiency. Use it to:
  • calculate depth of cut
  • save tooling information
  • reduce air cuts
  • enhance toolpaths
Let your software calculate hundreds of scenarios. Start using software to automate all manual calculations you make. Software will make your job easier and your tools will last longer. Its a win-win situation.
 courtesy Stuart Miles

Organize, Organize, Organize

Your tools may last longer and work more efficiently but it won't do any good if you waste time looking for them. Even worse, how about setting up only to find out that the tool you need for the job isn't even in the shop inventory. How can you operate as smooth as CNC fly cutters if you can't find your fly cutter? So start the year with an accurate tool inventory, keep the inventory current, and make sure tools are returned to the proper place at the end of the job. Tool trays and collet racks are made for keeping your tools and collets organized. They provide safe transport from tool area to machine area. The Tool Company sells CNC tool trays that are numbered to get you even more organized. Just set up the tray in sequence and you are ready to cut, drill, or slice away. Don't waste 20 minutes looking for the tool you need to do a 15 minute job.

Hang Up the Phone

Want to turbocharge your productivity? Keep your cell phone in the glove box or your locker. Smart phones make for dumb machinists. You can't operate efficiently when you are distracted and cell phones are the greatest distraction in the workplace.

Buy American

Nothing supports American manufacturing like Americans buying American made products. You manufacture in the US, so it makes sense to supply your shop with American-made products. If you haven't already done so, make 2017 the year you commit to buy American. Every product sold by The Tool Company is proudly made in the USA. Whether you need CNC fly cutters, saw arbors, micro drill adapters, knee stops, collet wrenches, or trays if you buy from The Tool Company you buy American made. 
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