Slitting or slotting saws are the workhorses in many shops. Use slitting and slotting saws to create deep and narrow slots. This is also the blade you use to slice parts from a single piece of stock. Slitting saw arbors hold milling slitting saws in place on the spindle. Slitting and slotting saws are preferred over endmills for many cuts. They excel when you need cuts that are considerably deeper than they are wide. In these applications, the slitting saw will do the best job for you and it will do it quickly.

saw-blade-no-attributionSelecting the Slitting Saw Blade

When selecting the slitting saw blade for your job it’s important to get the right number of teeth for your application. Use higher tooth count saw blades for clean, finished cuts. Ultra fine toothed slitting saws are jeweler’s saws.
Most slitting saw blades are made of carbide or high speed steel. Match the right blade material to the work you will be cutting.
The thicker your blade, the more stability. So get the thickest saw blade your operation will tolerate. It will perform with fewer problems.
Select the proper size saw blade. Most are about 3” to 4” in diameter. The larger the saw diameter, the more problems with runout and wobbling you will have.
scales Use Software to Balance Speeds and Feeds

Use the Right Feeds and Speeds

Because these types of cuts are ultra precise, you want to make sure you get the proper balance of feeds and speeds. It is a balancing act and you don't want to do it without the right software. Be sure to use software that is designed specifically for slitting saw cuts. Slitting saw blades are delicate; they are easy to destroy if feeds and speeds aren’t accurate.
When making deep cuts, there are two schools of thought: make multiple cuts that start shallow and progress deeper or make the cut all in one pass.
Cutting in one pass assumes that chips won’t be cleared and will cause problems on subsequent passes. Use the proper feeds, speeds, and fluids and avoid problems. Experienced machinists prefer to make a series of passes. Work like an experienced machinist until you are!

Selecting Your Slitting Saw Arbors

Just as important as the slitting saw blades are the slitting saw arbors that hold them. The Tool Company sells slitting saw arbors and general purpose arbors. set of slitting saw arbors The slitting saw arbors we sell are all heat treated to prevent vibration. We only sell arbors with a deep low profile cap to add rigidity and give you less slippage. We sell these saw arbors individually or in sets. Saw hole sizes range from ¼” all the way up to 1 ¼” inside diameter. We only sell slitting saw arbors made in the USA. We support American manufacturing and we encourage you to support it too. Every saw arbor is backed by 5 year warranty against defects. Order your slitting saw arbors today. Your blade will be glad you did.
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