Micro Drill Adapter for Making Small Holes with Large Equipment
There are certain machining operations that call for making very small holes. You can only make a very small hole with a very small bit. Drilling with a small bit isn’t a problem with a small hand-held drill. But that’s not practical in industrial applications. You’ve got to use the equipment at hand (no pun intended) and that’s going to be a very large machine. But a very small bit can great a huge problem for large machines. Even with software, you lose the precision that comes from tactile sensation. That’s why you use a micro drill adapter or an accu-feed if you need to make a small hole with large equipment.

Why You Need Small Holes

Small holes are sometimes part of a larger job. Sometimes the small hole itself is just part of a precision job like jewelry making or watchmaking. Scroll work requires small holes. Machining for electronics is ironically filled with small holes. The medical industry is big on small holes too. All those small holes use a small bit. The problem is, small bits easily break. The mills, lathes, and drill presses used to drive that bit aren’t small and they aren’t fragile. They break the small bits that make the small holes. If you leave it up to the machine you’ll collect a pile of broken bits.

Bringing Tactile Sensitivity to the Peck

When you mount a small bit in the drill press and pull down, you lose your ability to feel the peck cycle. You can’t tell from the drill press handle how much pressure you are applying. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, you just can’t tell. That’s why you break those small bits. Small bits can’t handle pressure. You put too much pressure down with the handle and you will snap that small bit before your small hole is half finished. So that’s why you need an accu-feed or a micro drill adapter. The shop slang “accu-feed” comes from how accurately you feel the feed of the bit. You can peck with precision because you feel the entire peck cycle. It saves a ton of broken bits. You don't have to imagine this precision and control if you drill with a micro drill adapter.

Drill Smaller, Smarter with Micro Drill Adapter

Drill smart and small with a micro drill adapter. Your large machine will make small holes with ease. Just install an accu-feed from The Tool Company. The Tool Company micro drill adapter has double shielded bearings. You get smooth operation. The accu-feed is hardened and precision ground for accuracy. That’s important when you are drilling with precision. It will last because the hardened pin drive design won’t weaken or expand like "c" clip styles. You know it’s made right because it’s made in the USA. So, if your big machine needs to make small holes, order your accu-feed today.