Don't Let a CNC Tool Tray Scare You
It is almost time for Halloween. Ghosts and goblins and zombies are scary. A CNC tool tray is not. Or, at least it shouldn't be. Don't be afraid to use a CNC tool tray to protect your tooling.

The Value of a CNC Tool Tray

Tooling is expensive. Dropping your tools is a scary thought. Breaking tooling is horrifying. See, these are the things that should scare you. Buying and using a tool tray protects you. So do it! A tool tray for the right taper size allows you to
  • set up tooling sequence in advance
  • safely transport tooling from storage
  • store tooling safely at the machine
When you compare the cost of a damaged tool to the cost of a tool tray, the tray is a clear winner. There are other benefits as well, even if you don't machine with CNC. A small shop or hobbyist can be disorganized. Disorganization is not productive. You waste time looking for tools. Using a tool tray forces you to organize your shop, even on a small scale. Little dogs learn by watching big dogs; and big dogs use a CNC tool tray to set up before they start.

Don't Let Flycutters Scare You Either

If you're vanquishing fears, don't let a flycutter scare you either. Flycutters are wicked good for finishing. They cut large and shallow. You won't get the same finish if you try to use an end mill. But, for some reason green machinists fear flycutters. You've got to be careful when you machine. Period. A properly balanced and mounted flycutter is no more dangerous than any other tool. A homemade flybar is something to be feared. Fear a homemade flycutter. Don't fear a quality flycutter.

Turn to The Tool Company for CNC Tool Trays and Flycutters

The Tool Company is the home of tools and accessories that don't scare you. No matter the taper, we have a CNC tool tray that protects your expensive tooling. Each tray has handles for easy and safe transport. Sequencing numbers let you set up the operation before you get to the machine. These trays are backed by a 5 year warranty, like everything sold at The Tool Company. Get flycutters, arbors, accu-feeds, collet wrenches and multistops too. Buy at The Tool Company and buy American made. We support American manufacturing and won't sell cheap foreign knock-offs of quality American made products.
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