Every job and every trade has its own lingo. Machining isn't any different. What is new is the degree to which micromachining is now necessary in manufacturing. Scientifically, micromachining is defined as work in one-millionth of a meter. Machinists use the same term; but not quite so literally. Machinists that micromachine have their own language. They still speak feeds and speeds, but here if you want to talk shop like a microdrilling pro, here are some terms to add to your vocabulary micro drill adapter for micro machining

Micro Drill Adapters or Accu-Feeds

Micro drill adapters or accu-feeds modify your equipment for micro drilling. Use an accu-feed or micro drill adapter is you are going to work with a spindle speed of 2000 to 4000 rpm. Micro drilling works best with low spindle speeds, especially if you are drilling plastic. You don't want the work to heat up and the plastic to melt.

Peck Cycles

Microdrilling uses a process referred to as a “peck cycle”. If you have ever seen a chicken peck at seed then you know where this process gets its name. It looks like a chicken pecking seed. You repeatedly insert and remove the micro drill from the work. This is how you keep the chips clear. If you linger at the bottom of the cycle, the material will become hardened and be ruined. Don't completely remove the drill at the top of the peck cycle. This can create a slight taper. Always start the down cycle before the drill leaves the hole.

Air Fluid

It's a bird; it's a plane; it's super lubricant. Well not exactly, but it is amazing. Air fluid is a mixture of cutting fluid and air applied as a lubricant during the peck cycle. It helps removes the chips as you work. It's better than straight fluid. Straight fluid would pool and foul the drill. Instead of helping it would hurt. That's why straight fluid is a bad idea! Here’s what it looks like when you use tapping oil for microdrilling. It isn't pretty.

micro drill bits


Spades may be a card game or a tool in the garden. If that's a spade to you, you aren't around microdrilling. Spades in micro machining refers to the unique shape of a microdrill. Remember that chip evacuation is an ever present problem with micromachining. You can help chip removal if you use a drill without a very pointed or chiseled end. The tip of a microdrill has of a cutting edge created by two intersecting planes. The cutting edge removes material primarily by extrusion. This means that the cutting energy along the edge is relatively large in relation to the drill's cutting edge. Of course anything on the surface can cause the drill to walk. Walking is always a bad thing.

The Tool Company Knows Your Lingo

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