Operate Your CNC Shop as Smooth as the Finish from a CNC Flycutter
There is no reason your CNC shop shouldn’t operate as smoothly as the finish you get from your CNC fly cutter. Excuses maybe; but no real reason. Here are a couple of efficiency ideas from The Tool Company; the folks that know CNC fly cutters, slitting saws, and the ins and outs of a smoothly operating shop.

Use Software Every Time

software You may use software to calculate feeds and speeds, but if that is the only software you are using in the shop; your not taking advantage of the beauty of CNC. It’s smart; so harness the intelligence and put it to work every place you can. When the well-known software group over at the CNC Cookbook surveyed CNC’ers to find out how they were calculating cut depth and cut size and they found out that folks were doing everything BUT using software. Ridiculous! If software is available use it. Use it for:
  • Feeds and speeds
  • Optimizing cut depth and width
  • Tooling information
Software is capable of calculating hundreds of scenarios before you can even recognize them. Automate any manual calculations you make. The tasks will be easier, the tools will last longer, and honestly the software won’t mind.

Get Organized and Stay that Way

courtesy Stuart Miles courtesy Stuart Miles
Speaking of tooling, nothing is worse than getting set up only to find that the tool you need isn’t in inventory. What a waste of time. How can your shop operate as smooth as the finish from your CNC flycutter if you can’t even find your CNC flycutter! Maintain an accurate tool inventory and develop and use procedures to ensure each tool gets returned to its proper place. Use portable tool holders and collet racks to organize and transport from tool area to machine area. If you use the tool holders and collet trays sold by The Tool Company, take advantage of their handy numbering system. Just set up the tray in the sequence you need for the job and you are ready to cut, drill, or slice. Don’t waste 25 minutes looking for the extension you need for 15 minute job.

Eliminate Distractions

cell phone This is the toughest thing to do. Everyone needs to be focused like a laser beam on the work. No cell phones on the floor. Save cell phones and smart phones use for breaks and at lunch. They need to be stored away during working hours. Failure to follow this rule should result in death by firing squad. Well HR might not like that approach, but our cell phones and smart phones are great for keeping us connected to the outside world and distracted from the world immediately surrounding us. It’s harder than losing 10 pounds or giving up smokes and beer, but it will make the shop much more efficient.

Buy Quality and Buy American

made-usa Make the investment to buy quality tools and arbors. They will operate more smoothly, cause fewer problems, and save money in the long run.CNC clycutter made in the USA As an American manufacturer, support American manufacturing by buying only American made tools. If you need a CNC fly cutter, saw arbor, micro drill adapter, knee stop, or collet wrenches, and trays choose American made. It’s easy when you buy from The Tool Company. We only sell American made products. sa1250Remember as a machinist, your company is part of the made in the USA program. You aren’t fabricating in China or milling in Mexico. Your shop is part of the manufacturing right here in America. Be proud and support other companies that still manufacture in the US. If your supplier sells cheap foreign made tools then make the switch to The Tool Company. Order today and prepare to be amazed.
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