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CNC equipment utilizes very powerful motors. It doesn’t matter if you are making microscopic cuts for electronic applications or machining gears that power must be used with precision. Precision cuts require a high speed saw held by a precision saw arbor.

Use Carbide and Cobalt for Ultra Precision

Once upon a time, high speed steel was the material of choice for precision saws. Carbide has gradually replaced high speed steel over the years. High speed steel is still popular for drilling applications, but carbide is preferred when you need speed. Carbide can cut 4 to 12 times faster than cobalt-enhanced high speed steel, depending on the application. Most shops use carbide and cobalt blade for their CNC cutting needs. By adding cobalt to high speed steel you get a saw with strength and wear resistance. For burr-free cuts, use carbide or cobalt. The superior cut will save the time that further machining requires. Put together ultra high speed saws and CNC control and you get ultra high precision cutting performed at high speeds.

Precision Saws Require Saw Arbors Built for Precision

precision saw arborPrecision means being exact or accurate. Precision saws are only used when the cuts must be completely controlled. This calls for a saw arbor that complements your need for precision. The Tool Company understands the need for ultra precision in some cutting applications. The Tool Company offers a full line of ultra precision saw arbors for ultra precision cutting applications. These saw arbors all have a weldon shank and feature:
  • Deep, low profile cap gives you the closest cutter to work area on the market
  • Extra support and for less cutter slippage
  • Reduced cutter vibration with special Vibra-Core design
  • Extra long reach

Quality Saw Arbors – Made in the USA

The Tool Company only sells tools made in the USA. We feature quality tools. You’llultra precision saw arbor never get foreign made inferior arbors that chatter and slip. Only trust quality tools that are made right; and made in the USA by workers who understand quality and the need for reliability. All Tool Company precision saw arbors carry a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. With 6 standard sizes and 2 sets available, you are sure to find the size you need. Shipping is fast so order your precision saw arbor from The Tool Company today.
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