slitting saws can cause fear and terror in home machinist courtesy Stuart Miles
When it comes to starting out as a home machinist, it seems like the only thing scarier than a slitting saw is a fly cutter. But you don’t need to be afraid of your tool, especially if you select the right slitting saw arbor and follow a few tips to using your slitting saw. A slitting saw is nothing more than a saw that is used to making narrow cuts in metal. You make small cuts with a slitting saw and large cuts with a slotting saw. Slits are smaller than slots. A slitting saw looks somewhat like the circular saw blade that you would see in a woodworking shop.

Tips to Use Your Slitting Saw

Now that understand your blade and what it can do, let’s get to work. Here are some slitting saw tips:
  • Run Slow – Just because your slitting saw looks like a wood circular saw doesn’t mean it works like one. For best results run slow. Keep your feed rate low as well
  • Keep it Oiled - Use lots of lubricant.
  • Keep it clean – remove any swarf after each pass
  • One Way - always cut in the same direction

Selecting a Slitting Saw Arbor

All slitting saw arbors are designed to hold the slitting blade in place. Most slitting saws sit on an arborslitting saw arbors american made that uses a cap to hold the saw blade in place. Unfortunately, this design has a real problem if you need to make a cut in a piece that is held in place by a vise. What happens is that the clamping screw and the vise will run afoul of each other. It won’t be pretty. If you get your slitting saw arbor from The Tool Company, you will get a slitting saw arbor that has a deep cap to create a low profile. We have worked closely with out manufacturer to bring you a slitting saw that allows for the closest blade to work area than any other arbor on the market. Bar none.

Slitting Saw Arbors at The Tool Company

In addition to its revolutionary design that allows for close work, when you use a slitting saw arbor from The Tool Company you get:
  • Superior vibration absorption
  • Weldon shank for durability
  • Extra Long Reach
  • 5 Year Warranty from the Manufacturer
slitting saw arbors from The Tool CompanyWe sell slitting saw arbors individually in a number of different sizes or as sets of varying sizes. No matter what size you buy, you can buy with confidence because all slitting saw arbors sold by The Tool Company are proudly made in the USA. We don’t sell inferior imported products, ever!

General Reach Arbors Available

If we don’t need a slitting saw arbor, but need another kind of arbor, The Tool Company has you covered. We sell a wide variety of general reach arbors and ultra precision arbors as well. Not sure what you need? Just Contact Us and let us know what you need to do and we can help you git ‘er done!
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