Saw Arbors Are Fabulous Father's Day Gifts
Happy Father's Day from The Tool Company! We love Dads; we love machinists and we know Dads that are machinists love our saw arbors. They are fabulous any day of the year. But on Father's Day, they also make a fabulous gift. Treat the machinist in your life with one this Father's Day.

General Purpose Saw Arbors

Dad's like our high quality general purpose slitting saw arbors and slotting saw arbors. They like the fact that they are hardened all over. That gives Dad an added measure of toughness on the shank. And you know Dad wants to be tough on the shank. Speaking of saw arbor shanks, the shanks of all general purpose arbors have been ground to within .001 TIR of cutter location. The super low profile on the caps means Dad gets his cutter in places he just can't go with a conventional saw arbor. Some time ask Dad where his cutter has been lately. You might be surprised. That extra stout plug equals extra support. Extra support equals less vibration. Less vibration means more control. Machining is all about control. Just ask Dad how he feels about vibration on the job.

Ultra Precision Saw Arbors

Sometimes Dad's gotta get precise. That's when he needs an ultra precision saw arbor. The Tool Company sells ultra precision saw arbors made by Sierra American Multi-Systems. These saw arbors are ideal for tool sharpening, cutting, and grinding applications. They are ready to help Dad with high-speed CNC applications that use carbide or high speed cobalt saws. Ultra precision saw arbors have an extra long reach. Like general purpose saw arbors, they have a super low profile cap. Dad gets his cutter as close as possible to his work area. Dad already knows that this saw arbor outperforms all other arbors. That's cause Dad is smart.These ultra precision arbors are the gold standard. Get Dad an individual saw arbor or get him a set. Heck he's a great man, get him two!

All Saw Arbors Made in the USA

Every saw arbor we sell is made right here in the USA. When you buy Dad a saw arbor from The Tool Company you support American manufacturing. That's the same manufacturing that keeps Dad busy. The Tool Company is doing our part to keep our country in the business of manufacturing, by supplying the highest quality CNC tools and supplies available. Your Dad is best. He deserves the best and he deserves it to be American made.
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