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We get lots of questions about tools in general. We get loads of questions about the fly cutter. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about fly cutters. Should you use a face mill or a fly cutter for the best finish? Fly cutters always gives the best finish. There is no question about it. Fly cutters utilize just one cutting surface. Use a fly cutter larger than the work area to get a clean finishing cut in a single pass. The quality of the finish goes down with every pass you make. Take all the cutters off your face mill except one to convert a face mill to a fly cutter. CNC  fly cutter made in the USACan you use a fly cutter to finish aluminum? Yes. Pick your fly cutters with care. Aluminum is soft. You need a hard cutter (like PCD) to get a good finish. How do you grind the bit? Remember the geometry of the cutter. The end of the tool does all the cutting. Grind the rake into the end of the tool. The bottom of the bit determines the surface smoothness. Are feeds and speeds different for flycutting? Calculate your feeds and speeds with your regular software. Flycutters generally run at lower RPMs, but your software knows for sure. Depend on your software to calculate the correct feeds and speeds. There's no shortage of software. How do you remove material quickly? Use the face mill first if you need to quickly remove material. A face mill will give you deeper cuts and faster chip removal. Make a fly cutting pass for the final finish once the material is removed. cnc fly cutter setIs tramming necessary? Yes, if you want to do the job right. Most of the time we hear this question because someone is noticing a dip in the finish. The problem is the tool; not the tool set-up. Make sure everything is trammed and up to snuff before the first pass. Where can I get a good fly cutter? Some home machinists make a stab at making their own fly cutter. A serious machinist knows that's not the best idea. The best idea is to get a fly cutter from The Tool Company. Here's why.

Large Diameter Fly Cutter

The Tool Company sells large diameter sizes. The larger the cutter, the fewer the passes. Fewer passes equals a finer finish.

Stability and Balance

Finishing cuts require maximum stability and balance. At The Tool Company, you get a fly cutter that is made with a larger 1/4-20 alloy set screws. That means better cutting blade stability. Run at higher RPMS with a balanced flycutter.

Save Time and Money

The Tool Company sells fly cutters made by Sierra American Multi-Systems. These fly cutters use 1/2” and 3/8” fly cutter bits. You can make larger cuts and this means your job goes faster. Since time is money; saving time saves money. Every tool at The Tool Company is backed by a 5-year warranty and made in the USA. Order your fly cutter today.
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