Ultra Precision Arbor Seller Sees Good News for Manufacturing
The Tool Company, seller of machining tools such as the ultra precision arbor and fly cutter has good news for those in the manufacturing industry. The Gardner Business Index continues its positive trend. This indicates manufacturing economic and business conditions are better than average.

What This Means

The Gardner Business Index (GBI) was 58.2 in May. Compared to May of last year, the GBI is up 3.9 percent. That means the economic and business conditions in manufacturing are better than average. Supplier deliveries, production, employment, and new orders drove the Index higher. Backlog and exports lowered the index’s average. All index components expanded during the month. That's really good news. Even the exports reading moved above 50.0. Why do you care? The movement in the backlog index indicates a shift from contraction to expansion. So, contraction is ready to shift to growth. That’s really good news for people in manufacturing. Grab your cutter and your ultra precision arbor get your tool tray and get ready to get to work.

New Jobs Added

The job growth rate is predicted to be 17% out to 2024 if you believe the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Like the GBI, that's better than average. Things look good for machinists as well as tool and die makers too. That job growth rate is about 6%. Don't let the number fool you. Toolmakers are retiring and young people aren't entering the field. That makes for a job with tremendous growth potential. The future is even brighter for CNC'ers. The predicted job growth rate for CNC operators is 14%. Looks like good news all around for manufacturing workers. As the manufacture of durable goods grows there will be plenty of jobs. It doesn't matter if you make goods or the parts to make goods, you should be busy. Get your tools ready!

Need an American Made Ultra Precision Arbor or Slitting Saw Arbors?

Are you ready? It's time to work. So, make sure you work with American made tools. The Tool Company supports American manufacturing. We believe in it. Every product we sell is proudly made in the USA. We back our tools with a 5-year warranty. Every arbor well sell utilizes Vibra-Core technology. Get rid of chatter. Want finger-tip control? Get it with our micro drill adapters. You've got the job; we've got the tools. Get the best, and get it at The Tool Company. The future looks good for manufacturing. Get your ultra precision arbor, your fly cutter or tool tray and get ready now.
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