Ultra Precision Saw Arbors for Cutting with High Speed Steel and Carbide
Every ultra precision saw arbor sold at The Tool Company holds your blade for precision cutting use after use. It doesn't matter if your CNC application calls for a high speed steel blade or a carbide saw, you need saw arbors as precise as your saw.

The Cobalt Enhanced High Speed Steel Option

Cobalt enhanced high speed steel is the alloy of choice for CNC saws and has been for ages. Alloys are mixtures of metal and the most common HSS mixture includes a generous helping of tungsten and with cobalt added for strength and resistance to wear. Cobalt-enhanced HSS makes working with titanium alloys, stainless steel, and other metals easier. Because HSS is strong, it is perfect for face mills, slitting saws, and gear cutting. HSS costs less than carbide and is easier to sharpen to boot. HSS does have a downside. That is the limitation on speed. HSS can't run as fast as carbide steel. But, if tool life trumps speed (like in ultra precision cutting) HSS comes out on top.

The Carbide Option for Precision Cutting

In high speed CNC applications, carbide has replaced high speed steel. Carbide may not be as strong as HSS, but it cuts with a greater speed range.A carbide saw can cut 4 to 12 times faster than HSS. That's why carbide is well-suited for high speed CNC applications. If carbide is out of the budget or you need the durability of HSS, then check out how to get more performance from your HSS tools.

Why Use Our Ultra Precision Saw Arbors

precision saw arborsNo matter the saw blade material, if you are using an ultra precision saw, you need an ultra precision saw arbor. This is true no matter the application. From cutting, grinding, or sharpening tools, if you need precision, you can’t settle for an arbor that chatters or slips. Precision requires control. Control requires an ultra precision saw arbor from The Tool Company. With a variety of sizes, The Tool Company has the diameter you need in the ultra precision saw arbor you will love. The unique “Vibra-Core Design”, results in a saw arbor that actually absorbs cutter vibration. So you can run at normal depths, feeds, and speeds and maintain productivity without chatter, slipping, or vibration. You also get the closest cutter to work area on the market when you buy your precision arbor at The Tool Company. Our saw arbors are all made in the USA, feature Weldon shanks, and are covered by a full 5 year warranty. made-usa
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